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Basic washing machine features

29th Sep 2020

Basic washing machine features

Are you using only the normal, standard wash cycle on your washing machine? You can do your laundry with greater ease and efficiency if you know how to make better use of the features on your washing machine.

Tips on Using Different Washing Cycles to Suit Different Needs:

  • Washing machines come with various washing cycles and other useful functions. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with these functions for your convenience and better results. Please note that the names given to the washing cycles may differ according to manufacturers. It is therefore, better to reconfirm by reading the manufacturer’s instruction for use and care.

Types of washing cycles

  • Handwash Cycle / Dry Cleaning Label Cycle / Soft Wash Cycle
    Offers gentle wash and light spin cycles in order not to damage clothing. For washing wool and delicates, clothes that need a gentle finish
  • Speedy Cycle / Quick Wash Cycle
    A shorter cycle option that takes up 20-35 minutes (versus 60-90 minutes) and has 1 rinse cycle instead of 2, thus saving you time, water, and electricity. Traditionally used for washing clothes that are not very dirty, with an efficient detergent like Attack Quick Clean this cycle can be used for normal washing as well.
  • Large-size loads / Heavy loads cycle
    For washing large-sized items such as blankets, bed linen and mattress pads.

Features of washing machines

  • Dispenser Drawers
    Washing machines usually have more than 1 dispenser drawers for adding detergent, bleach and/or fabric softeners. The dispenser automatically dispenses these laundry agents during wash. Below is a general guideline on dispenser drawer symbols:
    I - Pre wash
    II - Main Wash (usually the largest drawer)
    Flower Symbol – Fabric Softener
  • Timer (Delayed wash)
    Timers (delay wash function) can be used when you have a busy schedule. You can set the timer before you sleep the night before so that by the time you wake up in the morning, you can hang your laundry for drying before you leave for work. In other instances, you may set the timer before going out so that by the time you return home, the laundry is ready for you to hang out for drying. There are many different ways of using this function to suit your convenience.
  • Dryers (Dryer Function)
    Dryers are used when it is difficult to dry our laundry. By using the dryer (or the dryer function on the washing machine) to dry the laundry for about 30 minutes before hanging them up for drying, clothes will dry faster and will have lesser wrinkles. Or, when you are in a hurry or when clothes are half dry, the dryer can be used for about 20 minutes to complete the drying process.